Why this Homepage ?

The purpose of this Homepage is to help all gamers with games, which use a lot of keyboard commands. Thatīs why I make keyboard layout cards for different games and offer them for download.

For which games do you make this keyboard layouts ?

A actual list of downloadable versions can be found at "#" ... "T to Z". For games, that mainly use the mouse or joystick are no layouts in planing.

How often do you produce such keyboard layouts ?

As I make them in my freetime, you can suggest that there will be at least one per week.

Why are there english and german versions for games ?

The point is that I produce the keyboard cards for games that I bought before. As my mother tongue is german, I sometimes buy german versions of a game, or have no choice than to buy a german version, as english versions will be not available in the shops.

Can I use the english and german layouts also for the other language version ?

As the producers for games only make translations of their game versions, there should be no problem in using the other language version.

I can't open the keyboard file ?

The files are nearly all Adobe Acrobat pdf files, some are zipped GIF's. So you will need the appropriate programs for viewing the files.

Do you also make layouts for older games ?

I started with this hobby just at the end of 1999, so there are a lot of older games in my possession, for which I am going to make keyboard cards. As a rule for newer games, I usually make keyboard layouts for them as soon as I buy them.

When I need a keyboard layout for a game, which is not in your listing, will you make one for me ?

Principally yes, but I will need a complete listing of all keyboard functions and the game should be in a german or english version. You only have to send them by email and wait for up to 2 weeks.