Taking a liberal license with Alice in Wonderland, Rogue Studios and American McGee (the designer behind Doom, Doom II, and various Quake II mission packs) puts you in the forefront of a dangerous and exotic Wonderland, where everyone has gone mad, an insane Queen of Hearts has taken over, and Alice (traumatized by the burning death of her parents) returns a little older and a lot wiser to restore Wonderland back to the fantasy she knew.
Oh, did she grow up crooked. Alice now has an arsenal of toy-inspired weapons (like Jacks with blades at the ends, Demon Dice, and playing cards that she uses as flying razors), and one wickedly lethal Cheshire tiger...er, cat, which joins her and works as a bodyguard. With more than 15 levels and over 30 active characters, you'd better hang on to your storybook and get ready for a seriously twisted ride through the looking glass. Alice is set to debut in the Fall, and as soon as we get our hands on a demo, we'll post it.

Minimum Specifications:
Pentium 266
Direct 3D
Recommended Specifications:
PentiumII 400
128 MB RAM
Direct 3D