Take two parts Descent, one part Magic Carpet and throw in a touch of Quake for good measure. Now add a whole lot of fantasy context. That's what this game is all about. The fantasy world of Hesperie is home to an amazing competition. Some time ago, the inhabitants initiated a series of air combats. Why? Well because they're fun, that's why. Anyway, four clans have risen to the top of the competition and are currently fighting it out for domination of the League. It's all in good clean fun. You take on the role of one of these pilots and see if you can't advance all the way to the final competition earning cash and lucrative endorsement contracts along the way. What would normally be an admittedly creative take on the Descent model is made even more original by the addition of non-frag centered game modes like Tag, Follow the Leader and Treasure Hunt.

Minimum Specifications:
Pentium 166
Direct 3D
Recommended Specifications:
Pentium II 400
128 MB RAM
Direct 3D