An intervention team has been ordered on its most important and dangerous operation ever. Catapulted into Adelpha, an unknown world, its mission is to prevent a dangerously out of control scientific experiment from destroying earth.... this mission is led by CUTTER SLADE. The adventure starts with your first step. You are at the heart of the quest. The story unfolds while you play, following your every move, with the action inter-cut with camera moves, linking sequences and special scenes that build on the drama and highlight the gameplay. Breathtaking camera angles derived from American action movie techniques. A myriad of special effects underscore moments of high-action: After a huge explosion a rain of rocky debris falls at Cutter's feet, a trail of smoke rising in the air on the spot where his missile made impact. Hyper-realistic pyrotechnics illustrate every shot fired and every strike made, further deepening the sense of immersion, and illustrating the destructive power of the weapons you carry. These weapons aren't toys, theyíre for real.

Minimum Specifications:
Pentium 200
No 3D Hardware Support
Recommended Specifications:
Pentium II 300
No 3D Hardware Support