Destroyer Command is a 3-D naval combat simulation that gives you command of a World War II-era destroyer in the U.S. Navy in either the Atlantic or Pacific theaters. You can advance to command a division of destroyers and will participate in a variety of naval actions against Axis forces. You will stalk U-boats, swat kamikaze planes, escort convoys, blast enemy ships in surface actions, or pound the beaches in support of infantry landings. Engage the enemy with a variety of powerful weapons ranging from torpedoes, 40-millimeter cannons, depth charges, or the main battery of 5-inch guns. You have the option to take direct control of highly detailed individual ship stations or play from a more traditional top-down perspective. A detailed 3-D world with exacting physics modeling fully immerses you and rounds out the Destroyer Command experience

Minimum Specifications:
Pentium II 266
Direct 3D
Recommended Specifications:
Pentium III 600
128 MB RAM
Direct 3D