Comparing M.A.X. to any real-time extravaganza currently plaguing the market is like pitting a wading pool against the Marianas Trench. It offers more depth and subtlety than anyone could ever plumb. For instance, although each of the eight (!) factions vying for control uses the same basic equipment (like Warcraft II), every clan excels at certain aspects. The Chosen are masters of the sky, so their air assets get bonuses. The Von Griffin clan cranks out superior spies and scouts. And the list goes on. Further distinguishing the game from its peers is that it is not played in real time. Instead, Interplay has devised a simultaneous turn mode, as well as offering traditional turn-based play. Simultaneous mode is not for the faint of heart, and I was never able to beat the computer using it because the thing was simply too damned fast. Iím sure that it would be fun in a multiplayer game.

Minimum Specifications:
486 DX33
No 3D Hardware Support
Recommended Specifications:
Pentium 90
No 3D Hardware Support